Teacher Standards

TS7a TS7b TS7d TS8b TS8d – Responding to advice

My learning mentor has commented favourably on my openness to feedback and dedication to putting it into action to improve my practice. While I was receiving positive feedback regarding my behaviour management in the Year 4 class and my consistently calm demeanour, my visiting tutor mentioned that she would like to see a variation in the tone of voice used. I initially thought I did change my voice however, when I consciously made an effort to use a lower tone for discipline, I noticed an immediate effect on the pupils which highlighted that it was not something I had been practising before. Without raising the volume of my voice, I instantly attracted the attention of the class using a stern, significantly lower tone to demonstrate my disapproval at behaviour being displayed.

This learning evaluation shows my visiting tutor identifying this as an achieved target:

Abbie Cooper learning evaluation 27.03.17


  • To maintain my openness to feedback and dedication to responding to the advice of colleagues and experiences teachers.
  • To be more proactive in seeking feedback from colleagues during my NQT year when observations may not be as frequent as during my training.

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