Teacher Standards

TS8e – Communication with parents

I am aware of the crucial importance of effective communication between the school and the home, and the part that parents play in the educational development of their children.


For the duration of all three of my professional practices, I have been dedicated to joining the class teacher on the playground every morning and afternoon to welcome the children. I think that it is important to be seen as available and approachable, particularly for some parents who may be reluctant to approach the school/teacher due to a range of reasons:
– personal negative experience of school
– may feel intimidated by teachers
– language barriers

I have engaged in informal conversations with parents on the playground and have taken messages from parents to pass on to the class teacher (eg. child feeling unwell / forgotten kit / leaving early…). I take responsibility for writing a short message in home-school diaries to inform parents of the focus for guided-reading sessions, for example “We discussed the features of a non-fiction text”, “We made inferences about a character using evidence from the text to support our answers”. This may support parents in continuing the objectives met in school during home reading, as they may not be aware of the relevant NC objectives.


Targets for NQT year:

  • to make myself available to parents not only on the playground at drop-off and pick-up times, but also inform parents of an open-door policy for those who may not be at school at 9am/3pm
  • to make effective use of the home-school diaries to communicate with parents (TA could be asked to check daily for messages from parents/ write messages)
  • to consider making a note/flyer at the start of the year to introduce myself to parents/carers and make it known that I welcome parents who have any concerns to discuss them with me before/ after school/ on school telephone if needed. (This may need to be verified by the headteacher)

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