Teacher Standards

TS2a TS4e TS6b TS6c TS8c – Deploying support staff

With my Year 4 placement class I planned and taught an English unit of work on Film and Play scripts. After exploring a variety of play scripts and identifying the common features, we used a voiceless animation as a stimulus for writing our own scripts. At the planning stage, we made a storyboard of the key events in the story and used speech/thought bubbles to add in thoughts and feelings as well as ideas of speech. We then had a short session to begin transferring the plan into a play script and, while I thought I had conducted a good standard of formative assessment by circulating the room, when I cam to mark the work it became clear that one child was not writing in the play script format or following any of the features consistently.


For the following lesson, I planned for the TA to spend the first 10 minutes 1:1 with this particular pupil, and I found some example play scripts used earlier in the unit to support the child in recapping the features from the previous week and compare to their own work to spot the differences.

Film and Playscript plan week 10

This was an observed lesson and feedback from my observer and mentor identified that I had effectively monitored the support being given and rather than leaving the identified pupil with the TA for the whole lesson, I effectively directed the TA to support another group when I could see that he was on the right lines. I did not want the child to become dependent on the support as it was clear that following a quick recap and 1:1 input, he was able to continue independently.



  • to continue to consider the most effective use of additional classroom support.
  • to avoid permanently placing the TA with the lower ability group- they need support from the highly-skilled class teacher just as much (if not more so) than other pupils and may become too reliant on the support.

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