Teacher Standards

Drama within English TS1a TS2d TS3a TS4a

Teachers’ Standards
TS1a. establish a safe and stimulating environment for pupils, rooted in mutual respect
TS2d. demonstrate knowledge and understanding of how pupils learn and how this impacts on teaching
TS3a. have a secure knowledge of the relevant subject(s) and curriculum areas, foster and maintain pupils’ interest in the subject, and address misunderstandings
TS4a. impart knowledge and develop understanding through effective use of lesson time


Having explored the potential use of drama within English in my seminars I chose to apply these opportunities to a book which could be used in school. I focussed on chapter 7 of Roald Dahl’s “George’s Marvellous Medicine” in which there are only 2 characters; George and Grandma.

Role on the Wall: to assess understanding of characters and their personalities/motives/emotions as well as to develop inference skills


Teacher in Role: brings drama to the classroom without putting pressure on children to perform. Can communicate the key attitudes and emotions of a character. Comprehension of characters and story line can be developed through the asking of questions in Hot-seating.

Freeze Frames: assess children’s comprehension of particular moments by asking them to create freeze frames. Thought tracking can explore character’s motives

Paired-improvisation: practise speaking and listening skills in secure, non-threatening environment. Assess children’s understanding of character’s traits/attitudes/beliefs




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