Teacher Standards

Marking and Next Steps TS6b TS6c

TS6b: make use of formative and summative assessment to secure pupils’ progress

TS6c: use relevant data to monitor progress, set targets, and plan subsequent lessons


During professional practice 1b I completed a tracking and monitoring sheet for a progression of literacy lessons focussed on formal letter writing. Making a note of the lesson outcomes during marking allowed me to assess the next steps for each child and informed my planning of successive lessons in terms of content and appropriate grouping.

Issues I encountered:

  • Absence
  • Wide range of outcomes

It may have been more effective to have chosen just a few main focusses for next steps in order to progress children together as opposed to giving each child a personal target. The more personalised targets could have been conveyed through marking as a secondary (eg. punctuation, formal tone, check letter formatting.)



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