Reading Journal

The Snail and the Whale (KS1)

81YrCQVFKfLAuthor: Julia Donaldson
Illustrator: Axel Scheffler
Age range: KS1




This story has a great rhyme sequence which makes it easy and enjoyable to listen to. The repetition of phrases “The tiny snail on the tail of the whale” allows children to anticipate and join in with patterns.

The story contains lots of adjectives– can you find them all? There is also a simile “This is a rock as blsck as soot” – couldinvstigate similes.

Themes include friendship, travelling, habitats, teamwork


Cross-curricular links

Science: animals and their habitat

  • What are the habitats of the snail and the whale? How do they differ?
  • How are they each suited to their habitat?
  • Why wasn’t the whale able to move on the land?
  • view news stories of beached whales
  • differences between snails and whales



  • Could you make a tune/write the words for the song the whale sings for the snail?



  • even though the snail is small he still manages to help save the whale- Is there anything you thought you couldn’t do but then managed when you tried?

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