Reading Journal

The Great Chicken Mystery (KS1)

Author: Melanie Joyce9781783435883_Z.jpg
Illustrator: Kirsten Collier
Age range: KS1

Themes include making judgments/assumptions, stereotypes, friendship, helping others, communication

The mystery element of this story engages the reader by playing on curiosity- children can enjoy making guesses throughout the story as to what happens to the chickens


Cross-curricular links


  • Was the farmer right to accuse Foxy without evidence?
  • Should we make assumptions/judgments of people before getting to know them?



  • The farmer assumed it was Foxy who ate the chickens- can you make a food chain for a fox/ chicken?



  • Can you write calculations changing the number of chickens that went missing? eg) what if 6 chickens had escaped?

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