Reading Journal

Superworm (KS1)

Author: Julia Donaldson91vMSn+dQ9L.jpg
Illustrator: Axel Scheffler
Age range: KS1



A funny, exciting, uplifting story with beautiful illustrations to match. The story follows a very catchy rhyme with repetition which would be fun to chant.

Themes include helping others, friendship, unlikely heroes, teamwork, bravery


Cross-curricular links


  • create your own rhyming story
  • write a newspaper report about one of the times Superworm comes to the rescure
  • write a diary entry from the point of view of Superworm
  • compare with the adjectives used to describe other superheroes



  • can you categorise the different animals
  • explore the features/adaptations  of worms
  • make a food chain of some of the animals features in the story


  • research the illustrator

–> which materials does he like to use?
–> what is his creative process?



  • compose a tune to accompany the Superworm chant
  • chant it in a round





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