Reading Journal

Charlotte’s Web (KS2)

Charlotte’s WebCharlottes-Web.jpeg

Author: E.B. White
Age range: 7+ (KS2)

Themes include friendship, helping others, love, life and death


English Teaching Ideas

  • Explore character, setting, and story events, and organize a variety of these elements to construct story-related comic strips
  • Use text, images, and dialogue to reconstruct story events and make up their own storylines or messages
  • Use word analysis skills to identify parts of speech and to identify plural and singular nouns, synonyms, prefixes, and word meanings


In the beginning:

Why do you think Fern wants to keep Wilbur so badly?

How does Wilbur get along with the other animals at the farm? Why does he have some problems?

Why is Charlotte befriending Wilbur?

Compare and contrast Charlotte and Fern in regards to their relationship with Wilbur.

In the middle:

Does Charlotte’s idea to save Wilbur work? Why or why not?

Why is Templeton the rat important in the story?

What are two feelings that Wilbur expresses in the barn? Find quotes from the novel that shows when he is feeling like this.

In the end:

Do you think Wilbur will be a good friend to Charlotte’s babies? Why or why not?

One of the main themes of Charlotte’s Web is friendship. Who are some friends in the novel? What makes them friends?


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