Teacher Standards

Part 2:PPC – The Prevent Duty (Safeguarding)

What is the Prevent Duty?

The Prevent Duty was published by the Government in 2011, as part of our overall counter-terrorism strategy (CONTEST)

CONTEST has 4 main areas;

  1. PREVENT – aims to stop people becoming/supporting terrorists
  2. PURSUE – aims to stop and disrupt terrorist attacks through prosecution
  3. PROTECT – aims to strengthen our protection against attack and reduce vulnerability
  4. PREPARE – aims to mitigate the impact of an attack that cannot be stopped


What does it mean to me?

¨Staff need to be able able to identify children who may be vulnerable to radicalisation

¨Staff need to know what to do when children are identified

¨If school staff and childcare providers are concerned that an individual might be vulnerable to radicalisation, they can make a referral to the Channel programme. (a multi-agency approach which focuses on providing interventions and support at an early stage to people who are identified as being vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism)

Channel awareness certificate

Identifying threats/concerns

  • People vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism can be any age, gender, faith, ethnicity
  • Many factors associated with vulnerable people include peer pressure, the internet, bullying, personal/political grievances, family tensions, race or hate crime


How can I help?

  • identify patterns of behaviour that show whether a person is engaged in an ideology, is intent on causing harm, or capable of committing violent acts

ENGAGEMENT: psychological hooks-their needs/susceptibilities/motivations/influences

INTENT: signs that a person is ready to use violence to promote their views/achieve aims

CAPABILITY: person has the resources and networks required to cause harm


Course of Action

  1. Raise your concerns if you identify someone you think is vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism – Channel Police Practitioner, keep a record of decision-making
  2. Check local process to find out point of contact or Channel Practitioner

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