Teacher Standards

TS1a – Classroom role play

TS1a – establish a safe and stimulating environment for pupils

Myself and my partner trainees noticed that one area of the classroom was set up as a role play post office (from a previous topic) however we never saw the children using it as it had become rather outdated. We volunteered to update the role play and decided to turn it into a cafe as this would allow the children to;

  • practise the areas of focus in maths (counting in 5s/10s to pay for something/count out somebody’s change/add 2 numbers together to calculate their total)
  • role play as a shopkeeper/waiter/customer

We used basic resources to create the parts of the role play and chose to make a jar of sweets labelled at 10p each (support and reinforce maths), we printed a menu with foods with varying prices. We provided the children with order forms and demonstrated taking a customer’s order for the children.

I understand the potential impact that the classroom environment can have on children’s learning having seen the children interact with our role play area. I observed children counting in 5s to pay for the sweets which reinforced the maths lessons from that week. I also found the role play to be effective in encouraging oral communication, with particularly noticeable benefits for the EAL children who were observably more confident in practicing their spoken English with one or two peers during the role play.


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