Teacher Standards

TS2d -Phonics Intervention

TS2d – demonstrate knowledge and understanding of how pupils learn and how this impacts on teaching

Analysis and Interpretation

Just as all children are different, so too are the ways in which they learn best. Having an understanding of some of the different ways in which children learn, and strategies for teaching for additional needs, is vital to achieve progression.

lesson plan 30.01.15

From observations in the intervention room, I was aware that one challenge was keeping the attention and focus of the children without distractions. Having reflected on the distractions I’d observed, I chose to keep my own lesson as interactive as possible and therefore made one of my planned activities ‘High frequency word fishing’. I thought that using a game as part of the lesson would also be beneficial for the EAL learners in this particular group, as it did not require much verbal explanation and would allow the children to be actively involved in a more relaxed atmosphere with less pressure to speak in the target language.

evaluation 30.01.15

I understand that it is important to consider how pupils learn when planning lessons and activities, a lesson plan may look and sound outstanding and may be a fantastic activity however if it does not cater to the ways and methods in which children learn best then progress may not be made and the children may not get the full benefit.

Targets/Next Steps

to develop my use of assessment strategies to inform my planning- observe/speak to my placement 1b mentor to gain a wider understanding of formative assessment strategies



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