Teacher Standards

TS4a -time management

TS4a – impart knowledge and develop understanding through effective use of lesson time

Analysis and Interpretation

Time management is extremely important for a well- structured, complete lesson. It can be difficult to plan for exact timings as it is impossible to say what circumstances may arise/at what pace the children will grasp concepts. I therefore think it is important to be mindful of the time during lessons in order to make sure that children have enough time to complete their activities and where necessary come together for a plenary to consolidate the learning (this also allows for assessment for planning).


My observer (class teacher) commented that I had a clear 4-part lesson which followed the school phonics policy and that I managed my time very well ensuring adequate time was allocated to each part which can be difficult as only 15 minutes are given to phonics each day.


I understand that lesson time must be used wisely so as to avoid wasting learning time. I think that it may be a good idea to include rough timings on my lesson plans in the future to keep myself on track and avoid letting one activity take over the entire lesson. I do however think that such timings should be flexible and that I as the teacher should assess continuously to decide what is best for that particular class in that particular lesson.

Targets/Next Steps

Allow time in plans for transitions (eg. To move from the carpet to tables)



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