Teacher Standards

TS8a -Christmas Fair

TS8a – make a positive contribution to the wider life and ethos of the school

There is much more to teaching than what happens inside the classroom during teaching hours and it is important to me to take an interest and contribute where I can to the school, even out of school hours. Events such as the Christmas Fair also give the chance to engage with the students in a slightly different context to normal lesson time.

I gained extra experience in participating in the wider life of the school by volunteering at the school’s Christmas Fair. The fair took place in and around the school hall from the end of the school day until 5:30pm. I was responsible for the “Hook-a-duck” stall; inviting and welcoming visitors to take part, being responsible for the accurate collection of money and distributing the relevant prizes. I thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity, particularly observing and interacting with the children in a different, non-academic context.

By taking part in the Christmas fair, my initial understanding of the importance of contributing to the wider life of a school has been solidified. I saw first-hand  how the children enjoyed this event and how it served as a home-link by giving parents the chance to visit their children’s school.


Targets/Next Steps

Seek opportunities to further contribute to the wider life of the school – In Phase 1b, actively seek further opportunities. eg) ask if there are opportunities to run an extra curricular club/activity.



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