Teacher Standards

TS3b -curriculum changes

TS3b – demonstrate a critical understanding of developments in the subject and curriculum areas

Analysis and Interpretation

I have read an online article about teaching modern languages in primary schools following their introduction into the compulsory national curriculum. The curriculum and subject areas undergo continuous development and change frequently. As a professional it is vital that I keep up to date with such changes so as to provide the best teaching. This topic is important to me not only as a modern languages specialist, but also due to the recent curriculum changes which have made languages compulsory in KS2.

View article here

This article about the teaching of languages in primary schools is a relevant topic as the new curriculum has made the learning of a modern or ancient language, a compulsory element. It is also of interest to me as my major specialism will be Modern Languages. I was intrigued by the report about Springfield lower school, who use their teaching of another language “throughout the curriculum to complement what is already being studied”. I feel that this cross-curricular practice contextualises and gives a purpose to language learning.


I have learned that whilst the introduction of a foreign language is beneficial to pupils, the new curriculum has not made arrangements regarding the impact on secondary schools. The statutory guidance given to primary schools is very short and vague and teachers are therefore left to decide what to teach, resulting in pupils from different primary schools entering secondary school with varying levels of experience. In order for language learning at KS2 to be advantageous to children when they continue the language, secondary schools must be informed of the competency of pupils and an idea of where their learning is so that their continuation can be catered to their individual needs.

Targets/Next Steps

Speak to the MFL coordinator during phase 1b placement


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