Teacher Standards

TS1c &TS7b – rewards and sanctions

TS1c – demonstrate consistently the positive attitudes, values and behaviour which are expected of pupils. 

TS7b – establish a framework for discipline with a range of strategies, using praise, sanctions, and rewards consistently and fairly

Analysis and Interpretation of standard

Rewards and sanctions are vital factors in behaviour management. I have the opportunity whilst on placement to observe and try out the reward/sanctions which the school have in place so that I can then reflect on them for my professional development and future practice. As a teacher I am a role model to the children therefore it is essential that I demonstrate the behaviour and attitudes which I expect of the pupils.


In the Year 1 classroom on placement 1a, they operate a traffic-light system of warnings, where children will be given a warning for poor behaviour and then following repetition, the colour next to their name will be changed to amber and then red which results in a loss of “minutes” off their break time. Any child who’s name remains on red until Friday, is exempt from the end-of-week reward where the class enjoy biscuits before home time. This traffic-light system is also operated for children in the Intervention Room with the only difference being that in this room, it is renewed daily, with each child starting every day on green

For rewards, the children are given “merits” which are recorded by shading in a square on the merit chart. There are 3 stages to the merits, with badges being awarded in assemblies to children when they reach the end of one stage. Merits are awarded for various reasons, for example: excellent behaviour, especially good work, meeting personal targets, helping a classmate, to name but a few. They are given at the teacher’s discretion and can also be awarded by members of staff other than the class teacher and at times outside of the lessons (eg. lunch time, playtime, after school club, extra-curricular activities)

My reflections

I have seen this to be an effective form of sanction, especially with the removal of the privilege of biscuits on a Friday which appeared to be of higher sanction to the children than the loss of minutes. One child admitted they did not mind losing minutes off their break as they “prefer staying inside anyway” This made me question whether or not it is an adequately effective sanction and would prompt me to consider an alternative in my future practice.

From my experience within this class, children are extremely motivated by this reward system and enjoy monitoring their progress along the chart, identifying how close to receiving their next badge they are. I have seen it be effective through the influence one child receiving a merit has on the rest of the class and I have witnessed the self pride children have when they receive their badges in assembly. This is definitely a system I would consider adopting in my future practice as it proved to be a stimulating, motivating and rewarding system.


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